Team funding made easy

CrowdRazr is the fundraising solution for high school and youth athletic teams. It’s easy to tell your story, reach your community and raise more funds in less time. Setup in minutes and donations within hours!

The problem with traditional fundraisers

Time & Effort

Running a traditional fundraiser requires volunteer hours, planning, time to distribute product, and of course, the time spent by the athletes going door to door.


Traditional fundraisers are expensive. Selling candy bars and discount cards takes a lot of effort and you keep 50% of what’s raised.

Not Effective

Your community wants to help but they want only so much candy, prizes and attend so many fundraiser events. Basically, traditional fundraisers leave money on the table.

How CrowdRazr is different

Tell your story

People want to help. All you have to do is to tell a great story. Tell your story with video, a team overview, and personal profiles.

Made for teams

TeamRazr is made for teams. Add multiple coaches, add a person just for handling the money, and get either parents or kids involved to help get out the message.

Online payments

All donations are made online with a credit card. It’s simple and easy. No need to keep track of donations, hand out receipts, or run to the bank.

Save money

Fundraisers take home 85% of the money raised by not selling products, buying prizes, or organizing an event.

Get more people involved

TeamRazr makes it simple to get family, friends and friends of friends involved with the campaign. Sharing is central to TeamRazr.

Easy to set up and use

It’s simple, and fast to create a fundraiser. An invite to the athlete allows them to help with the heavy lifting. Inviting supporters and accepting donations is quick and easy.

Looks awesome on mobile

The more people your fundraiser reaches, the more likely people will see your fundraiser on their phones. A great experience on phones means more donations.

How it works


Add participants

Name, photo and invite family and friends to support.


Goal reached

Funds are dispersed daily. No waiting.

Who is it for?


You need to raise for your program. Using a smartphone/computer, you can in 30 minutes go from nothing to having a fundraiser completely setup. TeamRazr makes it simple for busy coaches to raise money for their program.

Athletic directors

Need to run multiple fundraisers for all of the sports in your school? That’s not a problem. TeamRazr makes it simple for an althetic director to organize and collect funds for each program.

Booster Club member

Boosters do the heavy lifting to make sure teams get funded. Getting the fundraiser off the ground can easily be started by a Booster who wants to help out a busy coach too focused on training or the next game.

Wes Henrie

President, Northeast Seattle Little League (NESLL)

“Northeast Seattle Little League (NESLL) was looking for a fast, convenient fundraiser to support baseball and softball teams going to state tournaments. TeamRazr stepped up to the plate and in no time set up two fundraising sites that generated thousands of dollars to offset travel and food expenses for NESLL families. The process was fast and the website intuitive. Kudos to TeamRazr for the quick turn around! We look forward to partnering on future league-wide fundraisers.”

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