Northeast Seattle Little League (NESLL)


Field Banner

6' x 3' professionally manufactured custom vinyl outdoor banner placed on a NESLL ballfield (March - July) with your corporate logo, name, slogan and contact information.

$500 - $1,000116 left


Team Sponsor

Official sponsor of a boys baseball or girls softball team. Sponsorship includes: corp name on team t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for all NESLL participants (1,000 kids), sponsorship page on NESLL website, and branded team photo plaque. To sponsor a particular team, specify a team or a coach in the "Add Custom Instructions"

$5003 left



Custom vinyl field banner on the field for five months (March - July). Recognition on NESLL website and facebook page as Scholarship Program Sponsor for one year. Sponsorship covers individual registration fees and personal equipment (shoes and glove) for (5) kids to participate in NESLL.

$1,5002 left


Team Sponsor: All-Stars

Sponsorship of an All-Star team includes corporate name on All-Star hooded sweatshirt and corporate banner at all All-Star games.

$1,5002 left


Special Event Sponsor

The title sponsor for a league-wide event. Pre-event name recognition including on the NESLL website, event emails, and facebook page. Custom corporate signage at the event. Recognition by event speakers or public address system during the event. Recognition on the NESLL web site for one year.

$2,5004 left


T-Ball & Farm Level Sponsor

Corporate name and/or logo printed on the back of all t-shirt uniforms for all T-ball and Farm level teams.


Sold out

Fundraising & Media Sponsor

Automatic match of $1,000 for the league fundraiser. Featured fundraiser sponsor highlights the match in emails to supporters (~5000 people). Media sponsorship includes a banner in NESLL wide emails.

$3,0004 left